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This simple yet meaningful wedding package was developed with creatives in mind. The Build Your Own package gives you all the freedom you need to personalize and customize to your heart’s content.


  Build Your Own  


This package covers all the bases and gives you space to add your personality throughout. With all the classic wedding elements covered like the location, catering, invitations, linens, centerpieces, and even the DJ. 




Our Premier Wedding Package is our most popular package option and it's easy to see why. All of the essentials are included - DJ & MC, florals, linens, invitations - in addition to an open bar, top-tier food options, and a wedding cake.




This show-stopping wedding package provides all of the extra details you need to host an event to remember. We'll take care of every last detail with the Elite Package including your officiant, DJ, event staff, open bar with top-shelf spirits.



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7 Reasons to Love a Weekday Wedding

7 Reasons to Love a Weekday Wedding

If you’ve postponed your wedding due to COVID-19, you may be facing a new conundrum: your dream wedding date is no longer available in 2021. With couples scrambling to reschedule their weddings, many weekends - especially during peak season - were already spoken for long before the coronavirus outbreak.  But rather than pushing your wedding back by months or even another year, there is a great alternative that has its own set of perks: a weekday wedding! See why more couples are choosing to host a weekday wedding.

Celebrate your nuptials with a weekday wedding at Hofmann Ranch by Wedgewood Weddings
Celebrate your nuptials with a weekday wedding at Hofmann Ranch by Wedgewood Weddings


Weekday Venue Savings

It’s no secret that a weekday wedding can help you cut costs across the board. But the biggest savings often comes with the venue. Many venues, including all of the Wedgewood Weddings locations, offer a discounted rate on reception and ceremony fees for Monday thru Thursday weddings. Be sure to ask your wedding coordinator about their weekday discounts during your venue tour.

groomsment at Colby Falls by Wedgewood Weddings

Weekday wedding venue savings will make you smile


More Date Availability During Peak Season

If you’re dreaming of a sunny May wedding, but your venue or vendors are all booked that weekend, never fear! Since weekday weddings are less common, you will have more dates to choose from if you opt for a non-weekend date. Not only that, but there are also three more days in a weekday than a weekend - increasing the availability of dates to choose from. While Fridays are the most popular for a weekday wedding, Mondays are also a great option that allows both the couple and guests to extend the festivities over the course of a long weekend.


Affordable Flight Options

If you have guests traveling from out-of-town for your wedding, they may benefit from better flight costs. According to UpgradePoints, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are the most expensive days of the week to fly. Many wedding guests fly in on a Friday and leave on a Sunday for Saturday weddings. By scheduling your wedding on a weekday, visiting guests will benefit from more seat options and more affordable ticket prices.

Bridal Party at Rio Hondo by Wedgewood Weddings


Hotel Rooms Are More Affordable

When booking a block of hotel rooms for your wedding, you'll see noticeable savings for weekdays versus weekends - especially if your wedding is being held in a location that attracts tourists. Weekends naturally attract a higher demand for hotel rooms thanks to travel and tourism. According to the Huffington Post, Sundays are the least expensive evenings for hotel stays - with rates averaging 30% less than that of Friday and Saturday stays. If you're hosting a Monday wedding, your out-of-town guests will benefit from the reduced hotel rates.


Control Your Guest Count 

Oftentimes couples find themselves stressed over who to invite to their wedding while being mindful of their budget. Excluding a college friend or coworker from your guest list may result in hurt feelings - especially if you were invited to their wedding. If you’re hosting a weekday wedding, you can expect a slightly lower RSVP rate simply due to the work-schedules of your guests. The upside of this is that you will have more wiggle room to invite more guests - like Joan from accounting or Dan from your college football team.

Keep in mind, the converse is true if many of your guests work in hospitality - they are much more likely to be able to attend a weekday weddings 😀

Intimate Wedding Reception at Colby Falls by Wedgewood Weddings

Weekday weddings tend to be a more intimate affair


Better Vendor Availability

Top wedding vendors, such as florists and photographers, have a tendency to book up quickly - especially for weekend weddings arranged years in advance. If there is a special vendor you have in mind that is in high demand, consider checking in on their weekday availability. Chances are, your dream photographer has a lot more free time on Mondays than they do on Saturdays. 


Celebrate on a Holiday

If you’re planning to say ‘I do’ in 2021, some of the most festive holidays fall on a weekday. If you want to celebrate your Irish heritage, St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Wednesday. Cinco de Mayo also falls on a Wednesday in 2021, which can be a great excuse to feature margaritas during your cocktail hour. Planning a weekday wedding can be a fun way to incorporate your favorite holiday into the festivities.


Ready to take the leap and reschedule for a weekday wedding? Contact Wedgewood Weddings today to book your free venue tour and learn about our special weekday savings!