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This simple yet meaningful wedding package was developed with creatives in mind. The Build Your Own package gives you all the freedom you need to personalize and customize to your heart’s content.


  Build Your Own  


This package covers all the bases and gives you space to add your personality throughout. With all the classic wedding elements covered like the location, catering, invitations, linens, centerpieces, and even the DJ. 




Our Premier Wedding Package is our most popular package option and it's easy to see why. All of the essentials are included - DJ & MC, florals, linens, invitations - in addition to an open bar, top-tier food options, and a wedding cake.




This show-stopping wedding package provides all of the extra details you need to host an event to remember. We'll take care of every last detail with the Elite Package including your officiant, DJ, event staff, open bar with top-shelf spirits.



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Meet Jackie White, Hofmann Ranch, TX

Meet Jackie White, Hofmann Ranch, TX

Jackie White was born to work in the wedding industry. No, really. Her mom Diana Boucher is a superstar in industry circles, having planned weddings in Texas for 30+ years, and simply put, Jackie grew up in the business. Jackie is General Manager at Hofmann Ranch, our gorgeous 370-acre wedding venue in San Antonio, TX, and has been at the venue since 2016. She loves working with couples on their weddings and helping to plan the most fun day of their lives. We sat down with Jackie to ask her a few questions about her job and any advice she’d like to share with nervous couples.


Jackie White (left) with her colleague, Teigan, relaxing at a formal banquet at our signature venue: Galway Downs in CA

Jackie White (left) with her colleague, Teigan, relaxing at a formal banquet at one of our signature venues: Galway Downs in CAlifornia


What’s your favorite part of the job?

Making couples happy is what it’s all about. I love taking care of the couples every step of the way, so they have the best experience possible.


What’s your favorite time with a couple?

I love seeing a couple right after the ceremony and when the cocktail hour is just getting started. You can tell that all the nerves are gone, they are relaxing, and ready to start the big party. It’s the end of the client journey and that’s when I know we’ve done our job.


What’s a memorable thing that’s happened at one of your events?

There was a really terrible storm and the power went out. Unfortunately, it couldn't be restored immediately. It was a total fluke scenario, but our team and the guests totally went with it. Thankfully it was a daytime event so we had plenty of natural light!

The DJ didn’t have access to music so one of the groomsmen played music on his phone and kept the party going. Nothing could stop them from having a great time. Because there was no electricity, that also meant no air conditioning. The couple had planned for bubbles during the sendoff but because there was no air circulating, the bubbles stayed in place. Funny enough, the stationary bubbles created the most beautiful pictures!


What’s one piece of advice you’d give to engaged couples?

Take your wedding day really slow and try as hard as possible to soak it all in. Make memories for yourself by taking mental pictures. It’s also really important to have private moments between just the couple. It’s your wedding day, enjoy each other and soak in the private moments.

Hofmann Ranch Wedding Venue in Texas - Jackie Loves giving couples a moment to connect and be one on their wedding day.

Hofmann Ranch Wedding Venue in Texas

Jackie Loves giving couples a moment to connect and be as one on their wedding day.